2012 Winners

The winner of the 2012 Corn-Ducky Derby,

receiving the 1st Place prize of $2500, was


Jim Fletcher from Castle Creek


in 2nd-10th Place, $100 each

2-Dave Denniston-Dryden

3-The Cottrell Family-Homer

4-Brenda Burns-Cortland

5-Roxanne Hotaling-Cincinnatus

6-Janet Watkins-Groton

7-Joe Higgins-Cortland

8-Brian Tasselmyer-Dryden

9-Collie Dengler-Breesport

10-Renee Hoey-Auburn


in 11th-15th Place,  $25 each

11-Chris Lange-Groton

12-Toni Gallagher-Cortland

13-Sheila Harrington-Syracuse

14-Eric VanEvery-Lansing

15-Daniel Ryan-Union Springs



The Biggest Winners:


Another record year of ticket sales to benefit youth projects in the greater Cortland community. THANK YOU!